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What is the super node?

The idea of a supernode originated from the Western parliamentary system and the current state of congestion in Ethereum. In the digital asset trading market, everyone in the community or organization can participate in the super node through the form of joining or partner, thus ensuring efficient operation of the blockchain. Users who are selected as super nodes not only enjoy the bonus and authority of platform development, but also provide democratic and transparent services for more blockchain asset lovers while performing their duties.


Super node Three Rights

Resource and Governance Sharing in Platform

In supernode, every ET holder in the community has the right to take part in the election, the decision making on business and teamwork, etc. In addition, they are given priority to receive the dividend as EXX develops, achieving the revenue sharing, governance sharing and a win for all.

Premium Projects Screening

Supernode provides a wider access to premium project resources for EXX after screening them out from tons of the candidates. Featured as the unicorn in advance in the time of blockchain, those resources will bring double-increasing income for supernode in the future.

ET Giveaway for Projects Recommendation

The projects recommended by supernode take precedence in the initial reviewing. After passing the review and authentication from EXX expert team, corresponding rewarded will be given away and part of the ET will be unlocked.


Super node advantages

Low threshold

Small capital cost pressure

High return

Recommend projects to get high project rewards

Mutual benefit

Enjoy the development bonus of the EXX platform

Advance layout

Lock the next unicorn while fulfilling the node's obligations

21 super node application methods worldwide

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