From 23:00 on May 28, 2019, the EXX platform trading mining mode will be terminated immediately, and ET will be upgraded to a new release mode. All frozen ET are released 0.3% per day for a total of 333 days, and the released ET will arrive at the user account at 10:00 daily to become a circulating ET. (Note: At 10:00 on June 1, 2019, the user will receive the first release)
Open freeze

In addition, in order to give back to ET members, we will start a rewarding event if we freeze the circulating ET. The specific rules are:

1.ET users can freeze a certain amount of circulation ET, and they can get ET rewards. The feedback activity is divided into five gears. See the fol-lowing table for details:

ET {{item.enName}} {{switchNum(item.freezeAmount)}} {{switchNum(item.giftAmount)}} {{switchNum(item.totalAmount)}} {{Number(item.rate)}}% Open freeze

2. The total amount of ET that each user can participate in the freezing activity in the first phase is 150,000 (excluding the frozen part during the mining);

3. The total amount of ET that the EXX platform can participate in is limited to 100 million;

4. The ET user participating in the feedback activity will open the new release mode automatically;That is, 0.3% of the daily release from the date of the user's self-freezing, a total of 333 days of release. The user will receive the first release ET at 10:00 on the day following the freezing date.

Platform can freeze ET quota

My available

{{userEtInfo.myAvailableEt=='--'?'--':switchNum(userEtInfo.myAvailableEt)}} ET

Per-user freezeable ET limit

Remaining amount

{{userEtInfo.remainingFreezeLimit=='--'?'--':switchNum(userEtInfo.remainingFreezeLimit)}} ET

ET frozen leaderboard
ET frozen leaderboard
Rank User New frozen ET Rewarded ET
{{key+1}} {{item.userName}} {{switchNum(item.freezeAmount)}} {{switchNum(item.giftAmount)}}